As we head into the first three-day weekend of the summer, and as I head back to work after a much-needed business planning retreat, it seems appropriate to feature Fast Company’s take on the continued impact of mobile technology on our work-life balance.

Seen + HeardThis is a topic dear to my heart, as my ability to be an effective marketing strategist revolves around finding regular open and uninterrupted windows of time to push, tug and construct solutions. Small-scale project management and the demanding interruptions of email, social media and phone calls quickly undermine the creative thinking process.

This quarter’s iPass study discovered that “mobile workers,” those who use their iPad, smartphone or other personal device for work purposes:

  • Work an average of 240 hours extra a year compared to their static colleagues.
  • 43% keep their phone within reach while they sleep.
  • Many check email before they even dress in the morning.

What does this mean for our ability to be strategic? To disconnect enough from day-to-day operations and give ourselves the breathing room needed to conceive big ideas? It’s more important than ever to be intentional in our work. Quantity of work seldom dovetails with the freedome needed to find those all-important insights.

Check it out: 

iPass study>>  

FastCompany article “Welcome to the 168-hour work week”>>


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