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Recycle and reuse: 8 ways to maximize your B2B content marketing


Savvy marketers increase their impact and optimize their resources by taking a single content marketing topic and spinning it into multiple iterations.


Try these ideas to repurpose your next topic:

  1. Go social. Extract a few key phrases from an article and turn them into a series of social media posts. Don’t forget to #Hashtag each post with a common phrase.


  1. Make a list. Weave a series of social media posts or tweets into a list or infographic, such as “Top 5 Ideas … ” or “7 Must-Haves … .”


  1. Listen in. Read your article aloud and release it as a podcast.


  1. Hit play. Produce a short video. Animate your key concepts, or simply record a company thought leader discussing the key points as a Q&A interview.


  1. Roll the highlights. Release an even shorter video (under :20 seconds) and use it as a social media lead-in to your longer form content.


  1. Empower your audience. Make a checklist or self-assessment with a list of key points or yes/no questions. These tools help your audience implement your recommendations.


  1. Support your channel. Create a single slide with a compelling graphic and your content’s top three points. Distribute it to your sales channel to add to customer presentations.


8. Refresh your greatest hits. Revisit popular content from the past and post an updated version with a new headline, image and current statistics.


Fear factor: Top five scariest B2B marketing moves

Jack-o'-lantern on whiteThis Halloween, I don’t need zombies, ghosts or the current presidential campaign to induce a good scare. These five preventable marketing behaviors are enough to keep me awake at night—and to derail the most promising marketing efforts.

Read on, if you dare…

(5) Reactive decision-making. Market leaders do just that—lead. They proactively listen to their customers (internal and external), recommend the right approach and then stay on plan with marketing activities. Constantly rethinking campaigns or introducing new directions at the eleventh hour only serves to frustrate team members and reduce marketing’s capacity to execute activities.

(4) Brand mismanagement. Your company and product brands represent the single most valuable marketing asset, and one that requires constant stewardship. From online reputation management to simply policing how the logo is used, it’s critical to mind the details to maintain your investment.

(3) Ignoring the data. In the “olden days” of marketing (the early 1990s), we wished for more convenient access to measurements to back up our decisions. Now that data points abound, why are we still relying on our gut feelings to chart our course? Regular monitoring of metrics like audience behaviors, conversion rates, and cost per inquiry, lead and sale are a must.

(2) Failure to follow up. With all our methods for communication—and the personalized approach of marketing automation platforms—there’s no excuse for leads that linger untouched or unmonitored. Period. Unlike consumer marketing, in B2B our universe of potential buyers is a finite community. Even the coolest inquiries will buy at some point; if you’re not nurturing those relationships, your competitors will.

(1) Working without a plan. Flexibility is one thing; marketing without a roadmap is a surefire way to increase risk, drive up costs and miss opportunities. I am constantly astounded at the companies I encounter, large and small, who operate marketing “on the fly.” Few organizations can sustain long-term results without a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Have a terrifying example of your own? Post your comment here or Tweet me @ThinkSpringMktg.

B2B marketing tip #166: Expertise, stat!

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekWatch out for interesting industry statistics and use them as the foundation for thought leadership articles or blog posts. Show your expertise and understanding of the market by interpreting the statistic.

B2B marketing tip #161: It’s like…

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekNo, we’re not recommending a return to “Valley Girl” speech peppered with “likes.” But an analogy, or comparison of a well-known and powerful example to your subject, can be the perfect choice to get a new process or concept across in just a few words.

For example:  The iPod music player is like having your entire CD library in the palm of your hand. Our new widget for medium-sized manufacturers is just as transformative. It consolidates all your most important engineering files in a single device.

B2B marketing tip #160: Fade to black

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekWith today’s deluge of iPads, screens, projectors and PowerPoint, the emphasis of a presentation often falls on the visuals, rather than the speaker. For your most critical messages, grab your audience’s undivided attention with a completely black slide. You’ll quickly have all eyes and ears tuned on you.

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B2B marketing tip #159: Snipe hunt

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekImprove the response rate on your next customer mailing by creating a compelling snipe on the exterior envelope or mailing panel. The best teasers combine an intriguing image with a short phrase or offer, with the pay-off found inside the mailing.

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B2B marketing tip #158: Summarize that show

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekWhen it comes to planning your annual events, don’t trust memory as your guide. Be disciplined. Within 10 days of the event itself, summarize your event presence, pre- and post-show marketing, what worked well, and recommendations for change.

Use your post-show report to communicate results to stakeholders after the event, and as a refresher when you kick off next year’s planning process.

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B2B marketing tip #157: Look for the green

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekTake an Earth Day pause this week and evaluate any environmental opportunities that exist within your business.

Investigate ways to make your processes less resource-intensive, such as converting from paper to electronic communications, or switching to compact fluorescent lightbulbs in the tradeshow booth.

Then consider whether to share news of these improvements with your customers. Evaluate whether your audience will find shared values of environmental stewardship relevant, and make sure you have an enduring “green” program in place before promoting your accomplishments externally.

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B2B marketing tip #156: Sign up

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekThere’s no better way to monitor the frequency and content of your company’s communications than to receive them, just as your customers and prospects do. Subscribe to communications offered on your website, for lead nurturing programs by contacting your sales team, and through other channels. You may be surprised what hits your inbox—especially in large organizations where departments outside of marketing can distribute their own content.

A colleague tested this approach when opt-out rates began to tick upward. Sure enough, five emails hit his inbox within an hour of indicating interest—a quick fix by sequencing timing in the marketing automation system.

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B2B marketing tip #155: If in doubt, alphabetize

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekBusiness-to-business content is chock full of lists: services offered, product features, customer benefits and more.

Make your content more digestible—and memorable—for customers by grouping long lists of items into sub-categories, with clear category names.

And when there’s no logical way to present your lists, always alphabetize your content to make it quickly searchable for your audience.

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