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Recycle and reuse: 8 ways to maximize your B2B content marketing


Savvy marketers increase their impact and optimize their resources by taking a single content marketing topic and spinning it into multiple iterations.


Try these ideas to repurpose your next topic:

  1. Go social. Extract a few key phrases from an article and turn them into a series of social media posts. Don’t forget to #Hashtag each post with a common phrase.


  1. Make a list. Weave a series of social media posts or tweets into a list or infographic, such as “Top 5 Ideas … ” or “7 Must-Haves … .”


  1. Listen in. Read your article aloud and release it as a podcast.


  1. Hit play. Produce a short video. Animate your key concepts, or simply record a company thought leader discussing the key points as a Q&A interview.


  1. Roll the highlights. Release an even shorter video (under :20 seconds) and use it as a social media lead-in to your longer form content.


  1. Empower your audience. Make a checklist or self-assessment with a list of key points or yes/no questions. These tools help your audience implement your recommendations.


  1. Support your channel. Create a single slide with a compelling graphic and your content’s top three points. Distribute it to your sales channel to add to customer presentations.


8. Refresh your greatest hits. Revisit popular content from the past and post an updated version with a new headline, image and current statistics.


B2B marketing tip #31: Keep an ear to the web

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekWhether your social media voice is a whisper, a shout or radio silence, there’s one role no organization can ignore: listening.

Assign responsibility to monitor key social media channels daily. Pay attention to relevant keywords, hashtags, company and competitor names and thought leaders in your industry. Develop guidelines on what front-line staff can respond to individually, when to escalate and who can respond quickly to issues.

Follow the B2B Marketing “Tip of the Week” every Monday for a short, practical recommendation to improve your marketing effectiveness. Looking for suggestions in a specific area? Tweet me your request @ThinkSpringMktg or contact me.

ThinkSpring Marketing celebrates five years!

One of the first things they teach you in professional writer school is that exclamation points are a no-no unless you’re captioning Batman and Robin comic books. But what are rules for if not to be broken?

The launch of the Springboard blog coincides with a huge milestone, the fifth anniversary of ThinkSpring Marketing. We’ll be celebrating all year, and kicked off with an appreciation event to toast clients, colleagues and supporters for their business, backing and blessings.

I’m honored by everyone’s support and looking forward to many more years of successful collaboration.


The leap that started it all

A little over five years ago, in August 2005, I took a giant leap that eventually resulted in ThinkSpring Marketing & Communications. It was not a bold and decisive moment that launched me as an entrepreneur, but a series of small steps that evolved into something significant. And like most major endeavors, it has certainly had its moments of fear, uncertainty and doubt.

The same approach that launched my business—building energy and confidence by planning the small, “do-able” elements that will ultimately achieve a greater goal—is now the cornerstone of ThinkSpring Marketing. It’s at the heart of the tagline, Making big ideas manageable. It’s what I set out to accomplish in my own activities and in each and every client engagement. It’s what I hope the posts in this blog will articulate.

If, like me, you are passionate about great ideas, effective process and sound strategy for B2B marketing, I invite you to join me here in conversation. Here’s to unleashing the fearless marketers in all of us!


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