Welcome to “Voices,” a new feature on the Springboard blog. Listen in as subject matter experts talk about best practices and trends in their discipline in our monthly Q&A interview.

This month we examine market research for the B2B world with Janese Evans, a research and creativity professional with Strategic Toolbox.

Q:    What’s the ideal role for market research in a B2B organization?

A:    Market research is all about managing the risk in decision-making. It gives you perspective. It lets you test ideas in the marketplace, helps you set priorities, and be more relevant to your customers. In the end, it’s all about having a mix of tools to make informed and conscious decisions, to have confidence in the answers.

Q:    Are there certain times, or triggering events, where research becomes more critical for a B2B organization?

A:    Research can make a big impact whenever you’re making changes. For example, if your organization, or your product or service has changed, or if you’re experiencing changes in your market place. Research lets you keep a pulse on yourself, your customers and your competition.

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