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B2B marketing tip #281: Debut the new you

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekStart the new year with a fresh social media profile, for your personal and company LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instaram accounts.

  • Update your headlines and key bullets.
  • Make sure your settings are appropriate for your goals.
  • Take time to review your network, reconnect with important contacts and choose influencers to follow.

A current and focused online presence will support your communication efforts in the coming year.

B2B marketing tip #275: Less is more

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekWe all collect data as part of the lead nurturing process, but are you really using it? Look over your online forms, analyze your marketing database and speak with the recipients of this information within your company.

Find out what’s absolutely essential, then pare down your online forms so they’re fast and simple for respondents to complete. The less you ask, the more inquiries you’ll generate.

B2B marketing tip #273: If in doubt, alphabetize

Business-to-business content is chock full of lists: services offered, product features, customer benefits and more. Make your content more digestible—and memorable—for customers by grouping long lists of items into sub-categories, with clear category names.

When there’s no logical way to present your lists, always alphabetize your content to make it quickly searchable for your audience.

B2B marketing tip #259: Prevent a content drought

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekEvery content marketing strategy starts with the best intentions to publish on a regular schedule—and most face interruptions when internal resources lack time to support the project.

If you’re short on resources, forget creating new content. Instead, fill your gaps by promoting topical articles and posts from industry thought leaders or customers. Customize these “re-posts” by creating an executive summary that calls out the information most relevant to your audience.

B2B marketing tip #245: Instant availability

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekHaving great online content isn’t enough anymore. In today’s world of social sharing and instant access, your articles, videos, ebooks and other resources also have to be easy to get to and available immediately. That means no more lengthy forms with a dozen required fields, or collecting information now and sending out materials hours or days later.

Review your campaign landing pages and online properties with a critical eye for ease of access. Check out the websites of industry thought leaders for ideas on streamlining the process.

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