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Recycle and reuse: 8 ways to maximize your B2B content marketing


Savvy marketers increase their impact and optimize their resources by taking a single content marketing topic and spinning it into multiple iterations.


Try these ideas to repurpose your next topic:

  1. Go social. Extract a few key phrases from an article and turn them into a series of social media posts. Don’t forget to #Hashtag each post with a common phrase.


  1. Make a list. Weave a series of social media posts or tweets into a list or infographic, such as “Top 5 Ideas … ” or “7 Must-Haves … .”


  1. Listen in. Read your article aloud and release it as a podcast.


  1. Hit play. Produce a short video. Animate your key concepts, or simply record a company thought leader discussing the key points as a Q&A interview.


  1. Roll the highlights. Release an even shorter video (under :20 seconds) and use it as a social media lead-in to your longer form content.


  1. Empower your audience. Make a checklist or self-assessment with a list of key points or yes/no questions. These tools help your audience implement your recommendations.


  1. Support your channel. Create a single slide with a compelling graphic and your content’s top three points. Distribute it to your sales channel to add to customer presentations.


8. Refresh your greatest hits. Revisit popular content from the past and post an updated version with a new headline, image and current statistics.


B2B marketing tip #276: Share the good news

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekDon’t let a positive news article, viral video or customer testimonial go to waste—especially if it occurs unexpectedly. Set up a communication template in advance so you’re ready to share good news with your target audiences—ideally, within 48 hours of a public relations success.

Plan where to post news coverage on your website and social media channels, and when to use email or “push” communications to get the word out to prospects, customers and internal stakeholders.

B2B marketing tip #259: Prevent a content drought

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekEvery content marketing strategy starts with the best intentions to publish on a regular schedule—and most face interruptions when internal resources lack time to support the project.

If you’re short on resources, forget creating new content. Instead, fill your gaps by promoting topical articles and posts from industry thought leaders or customers. Customize these “re-posts” by creating an executive summary that calls out the information most relevant to your audience.

B2B marketing tip #250: Make status quo the enemy

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekInstead of positioning your offering as better than another company’s product or service, consider showing its merits compared to the usual way of doing business.

Most B2B sales help companies save time or increase efficiency, which means changing a process. Demonstrate why your solution makes change worthwhile and the sale is yours.

B2B marketing tip #248: Focus content, stakeholders with outlines

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekWhy does good content often go wrong? Use these techniques to keep your next copywriting or content marketing project on track—without missed deadlines and budget overruns.

Before you begin writing, first develop an outline of your key messages and desired call to action. Then, get buy-in from stakeholders on the outline and approach.

If the internal team struggles to identify basic content or to agree on messages, it can signal deeper issues with product positioning or politics—problems that messaging alone won’t resolve.

B2B marketing tip #208: Give it a ghost of a chance

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekContent may be king these days, but busy executives and subject matter experts are unlikely to have enough bandwidth to produce timely, well-written material to fuel your email campaigns, blog, social media, website or public relations needs.

Employ a ghostwriter to streamline the process. Look for an experienced individual with excellent interview skills and strong writing samples. The ideal writer should quickly develop a rapport with your stakeholders.

B2B marketing tip #198: Let’s make a deal

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekNeed to demonstrate results by generating inquiries and leads? Make sure your creative includes an offer.

Remember: “For more information” is not a call to action—it’s a waste of words. Eliminate this generic closing statement from your marketing campaigns.

Use this valuable real estate for a compelling close that creates a sense of urgency, adds value to for your audience, and moves prospects forward in the sales cycle.

B2B marketing tip #196: Stay on the case

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekOvercome the skeptics and boost your public relations efforts by developing a library of first-person customer success stories.

A strong case study presents a before-and-after story that’s loaded with specifics, tangible benefits and a first-person account in the customer’s own words.

Do your homework before requesting a customer interview: meet with sales reps or account managers to outline the story, then draft potential questions so customers can respond thoughtfully.

B2B marketing tip #195: Think evergreen

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekDeveloping an editorial calendar helps keep your company’s content marketing fresh and on message. But even with the best planning, sometimes gaps can occur.

Don’t let missed deadlines derail your blogs, thought leadership articles, newsletters, or social media posting schedules. Instead, produce several “evergreen” posts right now, based on content that never goes stale. Keep these articles in reserve to ensure a seamless flow of content.

B2B marketing tip #194: What if_________?

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekDevelop engaging sales copy with language that sells the benefits of your product or service—not its features. Use two simple phrases to develop messaging that helps your audience realize they have a need, then envision the potential solution:

“Is it a problem for you that ____?”

“What if you had the capability to ____?”

Leave the discussion of technical specs and detailed features for much later in the buying cycle.

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