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B2B marketing tip #220: Write for the non-reader

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekOrganize your marketing copy so it’s accessible for text-lovers and skimmers alike. Replace long blocks of text with short bulleted lists. Add compelling headlines and subheads throughout. Use pull-quotes, captions and call-outs to convey key information such as problems solved and benefits of your product or service.

B2B marketing tip #135: Double duty for content marketing

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekGenerating content for your company emails, website, blog and social media channels can be time-consuming and expensive.

When you write, make sure to get more than a single use from your next topic:

(1)  Reuse a longer article by extracting key sentences or paragraphs into a series of social media posts on a single topic.

(2)  Work the opposite way and take a series of social media posts or tweets and weave them into a list or infographic, such as “Top 5 Ideas” or “7 Must-Dos.”

(3)  Revisit popular content from the past and post an updated version with new a headline and new image.

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