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B2B marketing tip #170: Spoiler alert

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekEffective marketing copy begins with the end in mind. That’s because writing for marketing and sales is all about persuasion.

Don’t put pen to paper until you know exactly what you want your reader to do—in this case, the action you want the prospective customer to take. Then craft every sentence and headline to lead them to that destination.

B2B marketing tip #161: It’s like…

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekNo, we’re not recommending a return to “Valley Girl” speech peppered with “likes.” But an analogy, or comparison of a well-known and powerful example to your subject, can be the perfect choice to get a new process or concept across in just a few words.

For example:  The iPod music player is like having your entire CD library in the palm of your hand. Our new widget for medium-sized manufacturers is just as transformative. It consolidates all your most important engineering files in a single device.

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