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B2B marketing tip #100: Stand up and decide

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekFew of us need another meeting. Before you click your next “invite attendees,” determine if your project requires a traditional 30- or 60-minute meeting.

Can your group convene for a 10-minute “stand up” meeting in a quiet corner? Will three one-on-one telephone calls secure the same result?

Improve your office karma and your coworkers’ productivity by knowing when a meeting is the right vehicle—and when it’s not.

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Seen+Heard: Finding sanctuary and sanity

This week’s “Best of the web” comes from the Harvard Business Review blog with an always timely reminder to take a breather–advice that’s not always easy to follow in a 24/7 world.

Seen + HeardThe Upside of Downtime” shows how carving out space for reflection– even a few minutes a day–not only improves strategic thinking and makes you more productive, it also reduces stress and impacts your health.  

Check it out. >>

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