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B2B marketing tip #258: Faster action on leads

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekWhat percentage of your leads dissolve each month, simply because no one takes time to follow up on them?

Before your next campaign launches, plan the response process. Draft the followup emails or call script for inbound inquiries, as well as the assets and process for the marketing automation system. Then sit down with marketing operations, sales and other stakeholders to agree on roles, responsibilities and turnaround time for lead follow up.

If the campaign–such as an annual tradeshow or event–will generate more inquiries than the internal team can manage, consider an outside resource for extra capacity and time-sensitive follow up.

B2B marketing tip #245: Instant availability

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekHaving great online content isn’t enough anymore. In today’s world of social sharing and instant access, your articles, videos, ebooks and other resources also have to be easy to get to and available immediately. That means no more lengthy forms with a dozen required fields, or collecting information now and sending out materials hours or days later.

Review your campaign landing pages and online properties with a critical eye for ease of access. Check out the websites of industry thought leaders for ideas on streamlining the process.

B2B marketing tip #242: Say thanks

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekStrong word-of-mouth breeds business success. Leads generated from existing customers or referral sources are often the most powerful sales tools—and a lead source that costs significantly less than other channels.

Don’t take your referral sources or customer references for granted. Create tools and processes for sales to say “thank you.” A handwritten card, a small gift or gift certificate, or a discount on the customer’s next order can all encourage these important recommendations.

B2B marketing tip #214: Need generation

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekInject more leads into your sales cycle by focusing on what really triggers a buyer: a problem that your product or service can solve. Save feature-benefit discussions until after a prospect clearly states their pain points. Remember, it’s not a lead unless there’s a need.

B2B marketing tip #211: Ace this exam

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekMarketing is a constant learning curve, so be sure to ample leave room in your campaigns for testing. Split your list into two or more random segments, testing only one variable at a time with a single group. Repeat successful findings with a larger group to verify results.

B2B marketing tip #202: Find the best buyers

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekUnqualified leads waste time and resources, and create unnecessary friction with the B2B sales team. Better target your efforts by developing 3-5 objective, quantitative questions to screen inquiries and new prospects. Collect this information during your lead nurturing process.

Bonus: If you find significant interest among those who are unqualified, pass this valuable information along for the product team to evaluate new solutions.

B2B marketing tip #179: Synch up with sales

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekEvery sales organization utilizes a specific approach, such as Power Messaging, Solution Selling, Action Selling or Miller Heiman.

Ask your sales leaders what methods they follow, then learn their milestones and terminology. Look for ways to align marketing communications with their process, such as creating email templates for reps that match their followup steps, or use same messaging approach.

Work with sales to measure progress and ROI as marketing leads move through the steps of their sales funnel.

B2B marketing tip #165: Timely followup for tradeshow leads

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekStay current with trade show leads. Plan the followup process and draft the post-event letters, emails, or calling script before the event. Get buy-in from sales and execs on timing and approach.

B2B marketing tip #127: Inbox timing

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekHave an email newsletter or lead nurturing program? Make sure the sales team and executives can enroll new contacts right away, especially for a subscription-based program.

The best time to send the first email is within 48 hours after meeting—not 3 weeks or 3 months later, when prospects will struggle to remember your name.

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B2B marketing tip #65: Let’s make a deal

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekNeed to demonstrate results by generating inquiries and leads? Make sure your creative includes an offer. Make it easy for the audience to respond.

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