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B2B marketing tip #22: Diagram it

B2B Marketing Tip of the WeekSelling a complicated or technical solution that incorporates diagrams or workflow models into the sales process? Work with a graphic designer to develop a consistent look and feel for these crucial elements.

Consider a library of standard fonts, colors, flowchart symbols and custom iconography that staff can incorporate into presentations and proposals. How you visualize your product or service can be as important to your image as your logo or tagline.

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What’s on your menu?

Eight best practices for marketing B2B professional services and consulting

Imagine dining at your favorite restaurant. Relaxing atmosphere, professional chef, great ingredients—only this time, there are no menus, no daily specials and no list prices. It’s up to you and the waiter to put a name to your craving and dream up the best cuisine.

Sound appealing? Or daunting?

Many organizations promote and sell their services offerings in exactly this way, using a “sky’s the limit, we can do anything” approach that leaves it up to the buyer to decipher their needs, understand the potential solutions and create a package offering that fits their budget.

The problem with this approach is that it places the buyer in the role of expert—not your organization. It adds time and confusion to the sales process, and more often than not, leaves market opportunities unmet.

Specifics sell

There’s a reason McDonald’s lets you order by number and a reason your favorite restaurant specializes in a certain type of cuisine. Specifics sell. Click here to read more »

Selling the air

Why services marketing matters for all B2B organizations

Promoting B2B products and promoting B2B professional services and consulting used to be two different things.

The first was all about features and innovation, the second a way to deliver efficiency or expertise to business processes. Marketers could specialize and spend an entire career in one niche or the other.

 Technology today blurs those lines:

  • Software is now a service, residing in the cloud rather than the desktop.
  • Distribution and logistics firms are rethinking their offerings as music, video, games and books no longer require physical inventory or shipping.
  • A push to automate paper-based processes is driving everything from the accounts receivable workflow to our medical records into a virtual world.

In essence, products and services are now paired up like salt and pepper. Every B2B marketer needs a working knowledge of best practices for marketing services and consulting.

Click here to read more »

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